Sunday, 17 February 2019

Action cameras underwater

Action Cameras, like the SJCAM SJ8 Pro and SJ7 Star, record superb quality 4K 30fps video. Although they will never replace a large sensor video camera with manual controls, they are very impressive and convenient for underwater use.

Videos from St Leonards Pier showing off the 4K results. 
View in YouTube using Chrome for best 4K experience, Safari does not support 4K video

SJ8 Pro camera at 4K 30fps. 
Colour Balance - Auto (would be better as CLOUDY) 
with colour and contrast adjustments in Final Cut

Testing the Crelant VD90 LED flashlight
 with diffusers and 80A colour correction filter.
 SJ8 Pro main camera, SJ7 Star cut-aways. Both at 4K 30fps
Colour Balance - CLOUDY. Exposure -2/3EV

XiaoMi Mijia and ThiEye T5e 4K cameras at 1080 30fps
Colour Balance - AUTO. Adjusted in Final Cut

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