Wednesday, 17 April 2019

A11 wide beam video light

This well designed and super powerful LED video light is a real surprise for the price.

The advertising says it's 20,000 lumen! Seems a lot for a mid sized light but it is very bright.

Requires 4 x 18650 button top LiPo batteries.

It produces a very bright unfocussed light with no hot spot. There are 3 power levels, which is great because full power is too bright for close ups, and 4 red LEDs and 4 Blue LEDs.

The red is used for still camera focus assist, without disturbing the marine life, and the blue is for UV fluorescence (maybe).

The coloured LEDs can also be mixed with the main white LEDs for subtle colour balance changes. There is also a red flashing mode which makes a great rescue beacon.

Solid alloy construction with 2 o-rings, and includes 4 spare o-rings, lubricating grease, ball mount and large handle mount with hex wrench.

Review video

For this shallow pier dive I used it wth an SJCAM SJ7 Star action cam in a Telesin 6" dome housing, with an SJ8 Pro for cut away footage.

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Monday, 15 April 2019

Telesin 6" dome housing for SJCAM

Using a dome housing can let you capture split level stills and video. It also gives an unmagnified underwater field of view and less colour fringing, unlike flat housings.

This is the Telesin 6" dome housing for SJCAM SJ7 and SJ6 cameras. Banggood product page

Review video

Here are some results from surface snorkelling in the Pt Lonsdale shallows.

Screengrabs from the 4K video