Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lumix Coolpix Triggerfish

Whenever we do the yearly Bluescope seagrass monitoring trip to Westernport I take the tweaked Coolpix 5000 housing with the Lumix LX3 fitted. Jan always likes to spice up her report with some photos of the colourful marine life under the wharfs.

It's not worth taking the SLR rig and I think the compact setup is better for the difficult conditions. Currents and terrible vis are the norm.

I have been using the Inon S2000 strobe with fibre optic sync cord but that presents some problems. Because the strobe always copies the camera strobe it always gives 2 flashes. That means you cant use full or half power because the strobe can't recharge in time for the second flash.

Using the Triggerfish slave sensor with a wire sync cord and Inon Z220 means I can use the full range of flash power and have total control. The triggerfish can be programmed to fire on the first or second flash. The Inon's dials are much easier to read and operate too.

I also added a focus torch mount using Locline which matches the one on my SLR housing.

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