Thursday, 5 February 2009

Ripview Classic and Blue water Challenge

Virg and I competed in a couple of ocean swims recently.

The Ripview Classic 1.4km from The Springs to Pt Lonsdale and the Queenscliff Blue water challenge 1.2km around Queenscliff Pier to the Pilot Pier and back.

The Blue water challenge was a real challenge with very delayed starts putting us into bad current and whitecaps. What was the problem? No explainations given. It meant that many pulled out before and during the race but we struggled on and finished with times 30% longer than expected.

Here we are before a training swim around the sticks at St Leonards.


  1. Nice work on the swim guys!
    Lucky it wasn't in Sydney though as you would have been eaten by a Shark...all in one bit as well (according to News Limited)

  2. Thanks Aengus. Anyone knows you can't swim in Sydney harbour without getting eaten! Happens every time.