Friday, 11 January 2008

D80 sunburst

Digital cameras generally don't capture sunbursts as well as film cameras. With just a little overexposure you end up with a big ugly cyan blob around the sun.

To get this image I had to reduce exposure as far as possible.

iso 100
Sigma 15mm at 5m depth
Mid morning sun in about 5m horizontal vis.

Brain issue of the day: Just realized that because I wasn't using flash I could have used a shorter shutter speed. Fool!

Housing issue: The dial that operates the front control wheel has started sliding across the wheel rather than turning it. Will have to give the rubber ring more grip somehow.


  1. You should know better, Andrew. Fool!

    Only kidding, keep up the good work!

  2. Ha. Normally I'd be using flash to light something in the foreground so not so silly.

    Got yours yet?

  3. No I haven't gotten my gear yet...

  4. Nice tips.
    Trouble is I started to see the dark band at the bottom of the picture for any shutter speed over 1/160 and the strobes (YS110) are not powerful enough to sufficeintly light up the subject at F/22

  5. Yes. More powerful strobes is the only solution.