Thursday, 22 May 2008

Photo book

After my sister Viv suggested we create photo books instead of buying presents for Christmas, what a brilliant idea, I started looking around at what was available.

Photo books are offered at most printing outlets now like Camera House, Office Works etc.

The business I decided to try was Snapfish
You go to the website, create an account and upload your images, then start laying out the book.

As a first trial I created a 10 page, that's 20 sides, A4 hardback book choosing a variety of image sizes and backgrounds.
The book arrived less than a week later and I was amazed at the printing quality. The images looked just like they did on my iMac screen and were printed using proper publishing quality offset printing. Just beautiful!

The book cost $39.95 with about $5 post. If you order more than one at a time the subsequent copies are 20% off.
I'm now trying a 20"x16" poster print to check their normal printing this space.


  1. Hi Andrew,

    I've had a number of things (calendars, standard prints, posters) printed by SnapFish. The print quality is excellent. I've never done a photobook, but after seeing your results I might give it a go.


  2. You wont be disappointed Stewart, they are seriously good quality.

  3. what a fanastic idea!!! xmas shopping has just become SO much better already!

    I have been reading your blog Andrew - u convinced my to buy a
    D80 which i purchased a fortnight ago with a 60mm macro. I am TOTALLY in love. Shuddering thinking about cost of the housing next but its time the old coolpix5000 was put to pasture....for the most part :)

  4. Sue I'm so glad this has helped someone. But sounds like you are very intelligent in your camera choices.

    I'm hanging on to my Coolpix because it's still the best tool for the job sometimes and doesn't really matter if it drowns.